Al Sham Hotel (Madinah)

  • 3 Star
  • 20 Nights
  • £200.00
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Madinah
  • 1 MIN.WALK
  • Strict
  • wifi
  • Television
  • Air Conditioner
  • Wheel Chair
  • Room Service
  • Door Man
  • Fridge

Al Sham Hotel

Al Sham Madinah is one of the best hotels in Madinah that is located in the heart of Al Madinah as has the most eminent position among the hotels of Madinah. It is located in the Central Madinah district in Al Madinah that is just 600 m from the sacred mosque of The Prophet's Mosque. The one of the best feature of this hotel is the free wife and the Free Parking. That is the most desired things of the pilgrimages for their basic needs. each room is fitted with flat screen TV with satellite channels. It is just close to the famous buildings of Madinah. The one of the basic necessity of the pilgrimages is market and Al Sham Madinah complete this desired of the beloved pilgrimages with great dignity as Old Bazaar is 700 m from Al Sham Hotel. There are lots of valuable landmarks besides this Hotel and as well as the popular places in which The Beautiful Names of Allah Exhibition, The Prophet's Mosque, Old Bazaar, Jabal Ahad Garden Park, Al Rashid Mega Mall, Al Hukeer Lowna Park. You can find all your facilities in just one hotel to make your journey really a blessed one with lots of amenities.


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