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How Islam Is Different from Other Religions?

February 14, 2018
Islam Is Different from Other Religions

How Islam Is Different from Other Religions?

Islam: The 84% of the world’s population follows the different religions and nearly one-quarter of the world’s people follow the religion that was revealed to the Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) in the form of Holy Quran, the Holy Book of Muslims. The Muslim Ummah settled across the globe and they spread the Islam with great spirit. The unity of Muslims or Islam shows on the occasion of Hajj when the pilgrims come from different regions of the globe through Hajj Package 2018 with luxury 5 Star Hotel.

Meaning of Islam

The word Islam comes from s-I-m that is Arabic verbal noun. The etymology of s-lm is to surrender, accept, or submission. According to this, the conventional definition of Islam is, surrender to Allah.

Meaning of Muslim

Muslim word refers to a person who involves in the performance of submission, acceptance, or surrender. Therefore, a Muslim is a person who submits to the determination of Allah, or a supporter of Islam.

Now let us see, how Islam is different from other religions here,

The Oneness of Allah

The main and biggest difference of Islam from other religions is oneness of Allah that they follow the One Allah, Who is our Creator or Creator of the universe. They don’t follow the stones’ gods or idols like Hindus who worship the sun, rain, monkey, snakes, rats, and much more. Allah is one and it is a universal truth.

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the Final Messenger

Another difference is that Allah sent down His Last Messenger towards humans and to follow Him is obligatory for us. The Holy Book, Quran is revealed to Him that is a complete code of life.

Islam is the Religion Meant for Globe until the Day of Judgment

Allah sent the Holy Prophet (PBUH) for all mankind until the Day of Judgment and similarly, Islam is for all people, not for selected people. You can enter the Islam anytime, there is no restrictions and limitation like other religions.

Hazrat ESA (A.S) was a Prophet of Allah

The Holy Quran clears that Hazrat ESA (A.S) was a prophet of Allah, not a sun of Allah. There is a big misconception in Christianity. But, Muslims believes that he was just prophet and that come back to earth near to Qayamat.

We will Have Answerability for Our Activities

All other religion’s followers think that there is a just worldly life and there is no other life after death and we will not be answerable to anyone. But, it’s a big mistake that they can’t understand until they accept Islam. Allah will take action on the day of Judgment when everyone answerable to Him for their deeds and actions that they have done in the world. According to their deeds, Allah will decide that who deserves Jannah and who deserves Jahannam.

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