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Muslims Must Perform Ramadan Umrah 2018

January 25, 2018
Ramadan umrah 2018

Muslims Must Perform Ramadan Umrah 2018

The best thing in the life when Allah gives the opportunity to perform Umrah. Allah gives the double reward who performs the Umrah in the month of Ramadan. As you know that the new year has been begun and there are few months remaining from Ramadan. The Muslims who want to accomplish their spiritual duty then Ramadan Umrah 2018 is coming soon and a majority of the Muslims avail this chance and perform Umrah with Family Ramadan Umrah Tour 2018 Packages.

There are many travel agencies in the UK who facilitate the pilgrims with their luxury services. They offer the different and Cheap Ramadan Umrah 2108 Packages. They give the facilities such as,

• Demo on the how rituals to be performed
• Flight tickets for best and top airlines from London, Manchester, and Birmingham
• Smooth Visa Procedure with Direct Flights
• Accommodation in Best 4 and 5 Star and luxurious hotels near Holy Haram and Prophet’s (PBUH) Mosque
• Journey guide to assist you during your tour

According to Hadith, Hazrat Ibn Abbas (R.A) narrated that,

“Once Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) asked a woman from Madinah, what prohibited you from going onboard on the Hajj journey with us? She responded we had two camels out of which my husband and child took one and left the other for the rest of us to ride on. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) then told her, when the month of Ramadan comes, go for Umrah, because Umrah in Ramadan is like associated me on Hajj.” (Sahîh al-Bukhârî (1764))”

This Hadith clears the importance of Umrah in Ramadan and who perform Ramadan Umrah 2018 definitely, he or she will get the huge reward. So, if you have enough strength and power then go for it and fulfil your religious responsibility. Allah is Great and these actions may bring us closer to Allah, the Creator of all the worlds.


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