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Pieces of Advice before you leave for Umrah

December 11, 2017
Pieces of Advice before you leave for Umrah

Pieces of Advice before you leave for Umrah

Many peoples go to Umrah throughout the year. They come from the different areas of the world. Muslims around the world have a great interest in visiting the Holy Places so the travel agencies keeping this in view make it easy for the Muslims from different regions of the world to perform Umrah. They all started offering different Umrah tour packages for Bradford Muslims.

While performing Umrah they face many troubles so to overcome some of the problems faced by them I wanted to give them some good piece of pieces of Advice so that they may do Umrah with great ease and more effectively and fulfill all of its aspects. The pieces of advice are as follow,

Do Some Homework:

Before you leave for Umrah do some homework. Like how to put on Ihram, Miqat places, all the dua of Umrah, how to perform Umrah. And what should be our strategy, how to behave while doing Umrah, All aspects of Umrah. And what is the right way to do tawaf and Sai. If you will not have the detailed account of this things then you can’t perform Umrah more effectively you then have to ask the people who to perform it and what to do next.

Talk To People And Ask For Forgiveness:

Before leaving for Umrah you must greet the peoples around you and ask them to forgive you if you have hurt there feels and do something bad to them. If they will not forgive you then your Umrah will not be considered. So you must go and meet them and ask them to forgive you.

Good Company:

If you are going to Umrah you must go with the good company of people who will encourage you to offer the tahajudd rather than going to the restaurant and eat. And they also encourage you to get up for Fajr prayer rather than the sleeping for a long time and they may also encourage you to do extra Tawaf and Sai. Good company is very important for a person coming to Umrah. Because it is not a luxury tour or a Holiday it is the prayer of Allah, and it is hard and tough to perform Umrah with all of its aspects.

How to Tie Ihram:

During Umrah you have to be in Ihram all the time so you should have a knowledge how to tie the Ihram properly so that it may not become loose. And all things after you wear Ihram like you can’t cut nails after putting it on, you can’t hairs after wearing that and you can you spray after putting it on and use have to use non-scented soap. And a lot more you should have the detailed account of it.

Some Necessary things:

They should take a complete and precise bag along them some of the important things they should keep with them are the barber instruments for cutting hairs before wearing Ihram and after Umrah, Vaseline because after Tawaf and Sai foots start to pain, A mobile phone so that they may be able to contact their homes and some people while performing Umrah.

Some Important things to be kept in mind:

There are some important things that a person should keep in his mind like caring of his password and other documents it’s better to hide them in the hotels to get save form a mishap. They should not hurt peoples and refrain from physical attachment and fights.

Visiting the Places in Makkah and Medina:

A person should visit all the places in Makkah and medina some of the special places are as follow,

• Cave of Thaur
• Cave of Hira
• Mount of Arafat
• Roza Rasul
• Rawadah
• mosques
• All the cemetery
• All the battlefields
• mounts

These are some pieces of advice for the people pilgrimage to Makkah. In this way, your Umrah will be effective and proper with much for ease.

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