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How to Pay Zakat

August 30, 2017
How to Pay Zakat

As we know that Islam is religion that provide the message of peace, good behavior, ethics and love. Islam guide the people or his followers to live in world with peace and spread the love between minorities and majorities. Zakat.

Muslims are worried about “How to Pay Zakat”, there is no need to be afraid that how much amount you should pay and who are the needy people for Zakat. We discuss the all questions here which may confuse you. So travel to these Holy Places through Ummrah by our December Umrah Package.

The moto of Islam is making the world a better place and also helping the needy and poor’s that’s why Islam force on contributions or charity.

What is Zakat?

The fourth pillar of Islam is Zakat and meaning of it is “purify or clean your wealth”. Those who have property or wealth over the specific ratio, they are responsible to pay zakat on this wealth. The main thing is that you should give it to those people who are needy and they can’t live their life in a standard mode.

Every Muslims who have an extra payments and food of his needs must pay it, before the Eid al Fitr prayer after the month of Ramzan. If the person is an only employee at home, he should also pay Zakat for his family members like wife, children and relatives. If the few days of Ramadan are remaining, Zakat can be paid but according to sunnah it is better to pay it before the Eid al Fitr prayer. Do the first thing in the morning so that’s why needy and poor people can enjoy the Eid with family.

How much amount is Eligible for Zakat?

Mostly people ask this every time and did not get the best answer. Be calm…..

We provide the best information according to sunnah “how much amount is eligible for Zakat” here. The amount is equivalent to

  • 2Kg of Flour, Wheat and Rice * each member of home
  • 7$ per head
  • Gold weight is 85 grams or above then 2.5%



If you safe 85 grams gold and its cost is 3K dirhams. Then it will be 3000 * 25/100 which is equal to 75 Dirhams.

Importance of  Zakat in Daily Life:

In addition as you know that if you are able to pay it but you do not pay it, you will be punishing for it in the day of judgment. You should pay it if you fulfill the above conditions. Some important factor of it if u paid it.

  • Helps in building the society
  • Flow of money
  • Sense of sacrifices

So, I think your confusion about “How to pay Zakat” will be clear.  As a result if you are fulfilling the Zakat conditions you should pay the Zakat. Then Allah will give you more and more in future. So travel to these Holy Places through Ummrah by our  Best Umrah Package.

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