Ways of Dealing With Tragedies And Loss

April 6, 2017
Ways of Dealing with Tragedies

Ways of Dealing with Tragedies: Life is a mixture of ups and downs. There have always been many moments in life In which you instantly feel happiness. Then all at a sudden you feel grief as well. It is those times of life in which after any grief and trouble, you feel much stronger than before. In bad times of life, you finally realize the reality of your true friends. Who are continuously sticking by your side in the worse situation. While those who are your temporary friends would always leave you with your trouble situations. Would change their attitude towards you like the leaf changes its direction in the direction of wind.

Allah has always provided guidance on each single aspect of life. When He Almighty puts the person in any trouble, He also provides various ways which leads towards the solution of that trouble. Always remember that the problems given by Allah are a way of testing His followers. Now as a Muslim, it is our responsibility to deal with those problems in accordance with the commands given by Almighty. Only then we can expect to pass that test given by Allah to check our faith.

Our destiny also plays a vital role in our lives. Often it is destine that at some particular time of life. You would experience a certain problem. Now it is up to you how you deal with that problem. Some people travel to Saudi Arabia by availing Cheap Hotels with Non Shifting Hajj Packages For Muslims in London, UK so that they can pray in front of the Kaaba and can seek for Allah’s mercy. Also praying in front of the Kaaba makes you feel that you are very close to Allah Almighty and you feel a sense of relief from your troubles which you think that they are written in your destiny.

Ways of Dealing with Tragedies

Muslims should also keep in mind that Allah never gives them the worries which they cannot face. They are always given the intensity of those problems which Allah know that the person has the capacity of dealing with that problem. Also, one should be optimistic that with each problem comes a rewards from Allah. Allah loves his believers and that love is more than the love of seventy mothers combined. So it is not possible that he would leave the people alone in their worries and hardships. So they should always keep a strong faith in Allah no matter what situation come in their life. May Allah provide the opportunity to all Muslims so that they can deal with the tests given by Allah in the best way possible.

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