Symptoms of Weak Faith

April 6, 2017
Symptoms of Weak Faith

Symptoms of Weak Faith: Faith is the key things. Which a person have In to show his belief towards any religion. When it comes to the religion Islam. Muslims show their strong faith towards Allah Almighty. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and that faith is show towards their words and acts. One cannot possibly claim himself to be a true Muslim. Unless he is not showing his admiration towards Allah by his deeds. Although there are many important components of a strong faith. But there are also some components of a weak faith as well which should not be ignore at any case.

The first and most noticeable symbol of a weak faith is that the person stops performing his prayers five times a day. The moment his heart starts lacking any kind of fear of God, he wouldn’t care about making Allah angry by not worshiping him. Some people have a weak faith but it is not the worst kind of weakness. Basically it means that the person is aware of his bad deeds and he has a guilt of that bad deed inside his heart.

Due to that guilt, it has been see that each year Muslims travel from all over the world to the holy cities Makkah and Madinah by availing amazing packages like Best Non Shifting Hajj Packages For Muslims in Manchester so that they can ask for Allah’s mercy and forgiveness by praying in front of the holy Kaaba. There is no doubt, that person feels like a newly born person after he prayer in front of the Kaaba, and all his previous sins are wash away.

Symptoms of Weak Faith

These good acts done after the feeling of guilt shows that no matter, how a person faces faith and fears hidden at some corner of his heart. Contrary to this, those who have the weakest faith does not even have any guilt of any sort. They doesn’t show any kind of embarrassment after committing the sins. These are the absolute worst cases of a weak faith of any person. Muslims should always refrain from the company of those people. Who commit sins and have no awareness of the difference between good and bad. May Allah guide us towards the path of virtue and we do umrah as well. So that we can lead our life in a good way. A stronger faith in Allah Almighty and his beloved Prophet (peace be upon him).

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