A Ray of Light

April 6, 2017
A Ray of Light

A Ray of Light: The incident that. I am going to discuss today was a life changing incident for me as it completely changed my life. I use to be a very modern person who had all the habits. That a person have these days such as wasting time in useless activities. And not offering prayers five times a day. Backbiting of others, lying to others if require just so that. I could get all the benefits that I could get, and many more bad habits like these.

To conclude, there was not a single bad habit that I didn’t have. The interesting thing is that I was not even embarrassed about these bad habit that I used to possess. Never had I felt any guilt in my heart after committing any sin. Never did I apologize to my Lord who is the most Merciful. And forgive his followers if the ask for mercy.

This incident happened to me last year. One of my uncle used to reside in Saudi Arabia and was severely ill. I was very close to him since my childhood and even closer to him than my Dad. Because my uncle had no children and I was like a son to him. When I heard that he is severely ill, I get quite worried and start feeling very anxious about it.

I wanted to meet him but didn’t how it was going to get possible. I was so busy in my daily routine life activities. One day I was sitting in my friends company and was enjoying the gossips. I suddenly had a phone call from my uncle. His voice was shivering with a flow of emotions. It was his last wish to meet me before death knocks at his door. The moment I heard his voice, I just couldn’t wait anymor. I booked the Affordable Non Shifting Hajj Packages For Muslims in London, England . And made all the necessary preparations for my journey.

A Ray of Light

When I visited Saudi Arabia to meet my uncle. He was on his bed and doctors said that we couldn’t save him anymore. I offered them they I would give them as much as money. They want but they have to save my uncle at any cost. But on that particular day I realized that money couldn’t give you that thing which Allah can. I decided to perform Umrah. Not only did I performed Umrah, but also prayed for my uncle in front of the holy Kaaba. After offering Umrah, I was sitting on a bench when I received a phone call which said that my uncle has recovered. And this was like a miracle even for the doctors. This whole incident change my life completely and today. I am a totally different person who always pray to Allah Almighty whenever there is any trouble. These days many people are searching Luxury Ramadan umrah packages with low cost umrah ticket 2018. If you want to go for umrah with cheapest packages. You can contact with umrah experts.

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