If I Had a Couple More Days to Live

April 3, 2017
If I Had a Couple More Days to Live

If I Had a Couple More Days to Live: The worldly life is full of test and the challenges, the one who accept these challenges with valor then success walks with him but about those who don’t understand the seriousness of this challenge they don’t be able rise again in their lives. Many people in this life don’t take the warnings seriously in their lives. They spend their lives as they want to live. Money is the central part of their lives and their all struggles revolve around it. They think, by earning money, having luxury umrah accommodation and enjoy this life are the main characteristics of their lives.

Let’s take an example who has so much plans in his life. Then going to sum up them for one day. Then suddenly you come across a call that you are going to die after few days as your disease is not curable. Just think for a moment what you will do? When you face the situation just like this. Or on the other side just imagine the world that you were living. It was just fearless. And you were just like a man who has no worries of life. Therefore, it needs to understand our behavior towards this world.

no doubt this is your life and you have all rights to live it, but live it with perfection and don’t forget the purpose of your creation and those teachings that has been transferred to you through the blessed lips of the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him. You can also engage yourself in religious teachings so that you can improve your knowledge in better perspective. You can avail the best Non Shifting 2017 Hajj for Groups from London, England. Through which not only you can earn the blessed status of purity from the sins as well as closeness to your creator.

If I Had a Couple More Days to Live

This is the best chance to improve your personality through all perspectives. As many people, will wish after their death to have one chance to improve their selves but there will be nothing except their broken hearts. Now you have all, as you can manage everything it’s never too late to prepare yourself for a journey. No doubt the end of the worldly life is the starting point towards the eternal life, who will earn the success of other world he is the real successor otherwise you will listen the cries, Alas! I had couple of days to live. If you want to go for umrah. And you are finding  umrah Ramadan packages uk 2018 with cheap flight or visa. You can contact with best travel agent.

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