Purify your heart with the disease of Envy

March 30, 2017
Purify your heart with the disease of Envy

Purify your heart with the disease of Envy

Purify your heart with the disease of Envy: Human body is just like a machine. And if one part of the machine is not in the proper functioning then whole body effects. Brain is the important part of the human body that control all over nervous system. And causes us to move. They say health is wealth and it has proved through the knowledge of science that many diseases are cause through. The tension of your mind.Therefore, it is very necessary to keep your mind good and healthy. But it is important to understand that there is deep connection between the heart and the mind.

Let’s take the example of the heart. If someone is sad and unhappy and you asked him to have some food for your then he will definitely give you reply on that. It’s not my heart that allow me take food even it is the stomach that deals with the food. But you will be astonish to know that why people use the word of heart to deny something.All the rewards of your noble deeds. Depend upon the factors of your heart.

If your heart is good, then everything is good. But if your heart is not good then it will turn the whole table. And if your intentions are good then you reward for the great deeds. Will be maximized.Therefore, keep your intentions good as we are providing the luxury ramadan Umrah Packages for Muslims Community from Manchester, England.  If your intentions are good then you will receive the magnificent gifts from your creator.

Purify your heart

The heart is the key for the welfare and the reward of your deeds. As the intentions are being related to your heart. If your heart wish to do something, it means you intend to do something that is directly related to your intention. Everything is defected through direct and the indirect disease related to human personality.Envy is the great disease of heart that can destroy you not in this world but the world after that. Some people say that it causes due to some certain factors that befalls one due to knowledge.

If you see the things better than you have then it engages the jealousy factor inside your personality. And then you astonishing to have that thing to your closed relatives that are unhappy to bear that. Why is that! This is called the disease of heart “Envy” and we all should be careful about that as it can burn our virtues in just few times. Therefore, we should seek forgiveness through Allah Almighty and have a blessed life for ourselves.

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