The Spiritual Act For The Muslims

January 20, 2017
Islamic Spiritual Performances

The Islamic Spiritual Performances For The Muslims

The Islamic Spiritual Performances For The Muslims: Performing Umrah is a spiritual act for all Muslims. They can perform it anytime all over the year. Umrah is not obligatory. It is highly recommended for every Muslim. Who can pay for it. In Arabic, Umrah means a visit and in Islamic terms it refers pilgrimage to Makah by all Muslims. First of all every Muslim have to, put on Ihram to offer Umrah. Ihram is an Arabic word which means is to make something not allowed. A person enters into the condition of Ihram. He cannot perform the wrongdoings.

This is done early to reach the Meeqat; Meeqat is the boundary line of Harram of the pilgrims. You can go through many routes. Men should take bath and they have to wear two pieces of fabric. One piece is to cover the top half of the body and second piece to cover the lower half of the body. Spray the perfume to the beard and head. Women should take the bath. They are not compulsory to wear any particular garment. When mostly people go for umrah with Luxury Ramadan umrah packages 2018 with 5 star hotel. They do not know how to perform umrah even never know about ihram.

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Islamic Spiritual Performances For The Muslims

They can’t wear veil and gloves. They can cover up their hands. When pilgrims reached to the meeqat having Best Umrah Packages For Muslims Community Birmingham, Engalnd, then they are required to speak the meaning of Umrah and say the statement “Labayka Allahhuma Labbayka” and they already should be in the state of Ihram before entering Makah for Umrah.

The next step for Umrah is to enter in the Masjid-al-Haram through Babb as Salam and move around in a circle seven times with the kabah which is located on the left side. You need to perform Iztaba. Its means is to bare the right shoulder from the Ihram garment.

As you reach to the black stone which is the initial point of Tawaf, stop reciting, touch the black stone with your right hand and kiss it. Ensure that you have done ablutions then make the purpose for Umrah by saying this “O Allah, I perform Tawaf of Umrah to please you. Make it simple for me and accept it from me.

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