Virtues of Madinah According To Hadith E Nabvi

January 4, 2017
Virtues of Madinah According To Hadith E Nabvi

Madinah Virtues According To Hadith E Nabvi

Madinah Virtues  According To Hadith E Nabvi. Medinah is the city which is otherwise known as the Medinat un Nabavi.  The reason of being so significant is simply as it is the city which not only provide. The refuge to the Muhammad, peace be on him, at the time.  When the Makkans make all the possible efforts to eradicate him from the Makkah, but. It is the place where the holy body of the Prophet, peace be on him, resting till the day of judgement.

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, Medinah is an asylum from that place to that. Its trees should not be cut and no heresy should be innovated nor any sin should be committed in it, and whoever. Innovates in it a heresy or commits sins. Then he will invite the curse of Allah, the angels, and all the people.” Bukhari.

The Abu Huraira reported another Hadith e Nabavi, peace be on him, saying that: “I was ordered to transfer to a town which will ingest (conquer) other towns and is called Yathrib and that is Medinah, and it turns out persons as a heater removes the impurities of iron. Bukhari

Muhammad, peace be on him, said that: “Verily, Faith returns and goes back to Medinah as a snake. Returns and goes back to its hole (when in danger).” Narrated by Abu Hurairah R.A.

Madinah Virtues

Anas Bin Malik R.A reported the saying of the Holy Prophet, peace be on him, that there will be no place where the Dajal cannot enter except Medinah and the Makkah, and there will be no entrance of the both cities for his as the angles will be standing in lines for the guarding the cities from the Dajjal, and then Medina will shake with its inhabitants thrice and Allah will expel all the non-believers and the charlatan from it.” Bukhari

As the city of Medinah is such a virtuous city so the pilgrims of umrah with umrah visa only must be aware of the greatest honors of the city, as a glimpse may be found here in the following few Ahadith, so the pilgrims must show some extra care in the city of the Medinah, after the Makkah. When some pilgrim avoids taking care in these sacred places, then they risk loosing the benefit. Of their good deeds and view the reward from Allah.

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