Battel of Khyber

November 9, 2016
Battel of Khyber

Islamic Khyber Battle History For the Present Muslims

Islamic Khyber Battle History: Khyber is the place of Battle with Jews. Our prophet did jihad on this place. This is in Makkah and Madinah are bless placed for the Muslims.  Khyber battle is the vale filled of flowers and dates. Further it was situated 96 miles far away from Madinah. It was the primary ever Battle in Islamic past in which Muslim do jihad after proclaiming, and a large quantity of Jews were slew and break the mainstay of Jews. Mohammad Mustafa (PBUH) gave religious individuality to every tribe of Jews and every member of MisAAK E Madinah. This is the battle in front of Prophet Muhammad he chooses Ali ibn Abu Talib for the battle.

The Defeat of Khyber was to help as an introduction to the following victories that shadowed in its path. Khyber was a Jewish gathering. counting numerous strongholds, some of which were constructed on hill tops and were almost invincible. It was, thus, the last but difficult Jewish stranglehold in Arabia.

Concerned to challenge the Muslims for the dilemma of their brothers in Madinah, the Jews of Khyber were eager to spend their wealth in chase of stirring anxiety from the adjoining Arab tribes to wage war in contradiction of the Prophet (PBHU). At the time when the voyage to Khyber was started, the Jews of the place were in association with the people of Ghatfan with whom they were shading up an agreed plot in contradiction of the Muslim.

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Battel of Khyber

Battel of Khyber


This is the Thing the Not ever felt in the real state of this ground and it is mob of it. this is the real battle of the prophet and its networks on the day of the judgment. On the other hand, Prophet’s (SAWW) army was not so strong to face upcoming battle. When the battle begins, Muslims prevent Ghatafan partners. Some mysterious voice came to Ghatafan and warned about the danger. So, they return to their homes and Muslims succeeded. These all places are the blessed places for the Muslims. When they come for Islamic pilgrimage they will see all these places and perform all rites of Hajj and Umrah Pilgrimage.

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