First Man on the Earth

October 21, 2016
First man On the Earth

The First Man Hazrat Adam (AS) on the Earth

The First Man Hazrat Adam (AS) on the Earth: Allah send one thousand twenty-four hundred Prophets. Allah love his mankind. He is they only creator and maker of the universe. The first man on the earth he creates the Prophet Adam. Islam provides us with the amazing details of the creation of Adam. The Book of Genesis labels Adam as being made from “the powder of the earth, Adam is labelled as being massaged from mud.

What God said to angels Before he creates Adam

And God said to his angels in Quran” ‘Consequently, I am going to create mankind aristocracies after generations on earth.’  They said ‘Will You place there those who will make harm therein and shed gore, while we glorify You with admirations and thanks and bless You.’  God said I know that which you do not differentiate. These are the words of Quran. People throw stone to Satan when they go for Umrah and hajj with the Umrah.

Best Creation of God

So starts the story of 1st man of the earth, the first man, the first humanoid being.  God created Adam from a trickle of soil comprising shares from all its diversities on Earth.  Angels were sent to earth to gather the soil that was to develop Adam.  It was red, white, brown, and black. A  soft and soft, hard and determined. So it came from the crags and the valleys from unproductive deserts and lush fertile plains and all the normal varieties in between. The offspring of Adam were destined to be as diverse as the minority of soil from which their antecedent was created all have dissimilar arrivals, attributes and qualities.

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In Quranic Context

Throughout the Quran, the soil rummage-sale to create Adam is stated to by many names, and from this we are able to understand some of the practice of his formation.  Each designation for soil is used at a unlike stage of Adam’s creation.  Soil, occupied from the soil, is stated to as soil; God also refers to it as clay.  When it is varied with water it grows mud, when it is left to stand the water gratified decreases and it becomes tacky clay. Allah mention in Quran he orders the angels get some dust then he create Adam. Satan is in prison in the month of ramdan. So you are going for the Hajj and Umrah then we are giving You Hajj and Umrah packages from London. These packages are very cheap and best.

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