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Equability is the Best Policy

October 7, 2016

Best Equability Policy in the Religion Islam  

Best Equability Policy for the Muslims is very great thing. The Holy Quran, the revealed book of Islam, speech the believers of Islam a central realm. We are middle nation between other two nations of the Jews and the Christians. Who have belief in revealed religions and Muslims stave off from extreme and follow central path. Islam commands upon its groups to go along with dominant way and perform the code of self-control and equipoise. The two extremes of everything and every act are great according to Islam and the followers should, therefore, attain symmetry between the two.

The Holy Qur’an and Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), the Prophet of Islam, have recommended the Muslims to stay on plan of self-control and stability in every fields of life. For instance, on the visit of holy places of Makkah and Medina, numerous people avail Umrah Package from London, England coupled with many luxurious services of accommodations and relish the true spirit of life.

Islam belittles monasticism and greediness and encourages its followers. To take up central path between these two dangerous duties of life.

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Best Equability Policy and Fundamentalism Islam

He lays the entire position on the physical aspect of life disregarding moral and spiritual aspects. So he bestows all his time and energy to the achievement of material trimmings. Then he  authenticates every mean wrong or right to acquires wealth and extravagances of life.

The ideology of equability lays an importance place in the matters of economic activities. We need to emulate this approach or ideology of equability in the generation of capitals. In the process of sharing and spending of wealth, we must also remember this value of equability.

Islam only permits halal ways of earning of wealth. Thus, Muslims always focus on right and legal ways of earning of money and wealth. Islam denounces avaricious approach of Muslims. Because limited and required earning of wealth is very handy and beneficial in all cases.  We can see this philosophy of equability when we arrive holy places of Makkah and Medina via December Umrah Packages.

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