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Islam Rejects All sorts of Violence

September 28, 2016
Eid ul Azha Festival

The Religion of Peace Islam Rejects Violence

The religion of peace Islam Rejects Violence and spread the unity and affection. If A Muslim want to see theses all elements on one place. He or she should go for Hajj. Umrah Package from London, England is providing best service to visit these Holy Places. So as explained earlier a religion which only promote Unity, Affection Peace and Kindness. Always deny any sources that goes against these principles.

Today’s Situation

Now a days, the whole world is in a great fear of it. Suicide Bombers, Violence against Humans, Violence against a specific community are the major types of violence growing now a days. These violence has threaten the world a lot.

Suicide bombers are connected to Muslim Community by the major forces of world. But indeed Muslims believe in Islam and Islam is that religion which is in favor of giving rights even to animals. The Holy prophet (PBUH) practically apply this rule and give rights to animals.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) is the role model in Islam. Holy Prophet (PBUH) always stand against it. Some people think that Islam spread due to weapons. In reality Islam spread due to the character of Holy Prophet (PBUH). The best example of humanity are also found in religion Islam. Holy prophet (PBUH) fought in a lot of battles but never ever hurt any person with His sword. How can this religion support violence? People use to spread thorns in His path. He (PBUH) never excuse. People even disown His (PBUH) family. Holy Prophet (PBUH) live with his family three years outside the city in a cave. But He (PBUH) never excuse.


So, we conclude that the religion of peace Islam rejects Violence or every kind of violence and against all those sources that spread these violence’s.

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