Islam Rejects All sorts of Violence

September 28, 2016
Personality and Islamic Teachings

Islam Rejects All sorts of Violence

Nowadays a common delusion prevails in our civilizations that Islam indorses violence and aggressions through its education and policies. Whereas Islam Rejects All sorts of Violence. Idea that Islam is supporter of violence but it is totally wrong and invented hollow. Islam always voices about Peace, agreement and association. On the eve of Umrah and Hajj, numerous Umrah Package from London, England are being provided to all Muslims.

If we read holy Quran, we can understand that it starts with these opinions i.e. In the name of Allah Almighty, the Most Caring, the Most Sympathetic. These opinions are described 114 times in the Holy Quran so it imitates that this creed of Islam’s Allah is merciful and sympathetic so how it can be conceivable that its wisdoms promote and approve fierceness. Consequently, true supporters of Islam must keep the feature of mercy, sympathy and compassion.

The holy Quran is abounding with frequent verses which promote the impression of concord. For case, in the verse 10:25, Quran speaks that Allah Almighty calls to the homebased of agreement. Accomplishment of Umrah ceremonies is a glaring example of it. When muslins via Umrah Packages from London from the United Kingdom reach at one home and bargain their all divine obligations quietly. It shows that peace is the final goal of Islam and all wisdoms and philosophies of Islam are concerned with peace. If we recite Quran, we come by many sections which are dealing with substances, process and proceedings of the Cosmos and earth as cyphers of nature. The stanzas reflect the universe as a scheme or model of peace and agreement. If we understand, there are many planetary forms, all are at work and moving rendering to a scheme. They move prior to their paths and rapidity.

They all are in concord and harmonization. Islam orders us to survey same system of concord and harmonization and move in their own paths and intrusion. Consequently, we can say that Islam is nonviolent living faith for both manhood and world. Now we have to display this ideology in our daily religious responsibilities like Namaz, abstaining and in Umrah.

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