Islam and Principle of Humility

September 9, 2016
Ignorance Cannot Surpass the Beauty of Truth

Islam and Principle of Humility

With no moral values and morals, human beings are just beasts. If we want to be successful in our associations with others and in our social contacts. we have to adhere to moral standards and epitomes. Islam has ordained some essential and moral ideals which direct us how to live our life and how to retort or respond in difficult circumstances.

The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) has also given a special position on the progress and development of character. Diffidence or shyness is also one of significant ideals of moral standards. It performs an essential role in individual growth and in self-confidence of individual. The worth of modesty is very essential in all religious and worldly matters with Allah Almighty and with the other creatures. Allah Almighty had directed His all messengers to implement shyness or modesty in their lifestyle. On the occasion of Umrah, pilgrims display it and visit holy places through Umrah Packages 2017.

Beloved and last Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) once said that it is the bashfulness or humility which make person pious and greater in community. It adorns person with all ethics morals like Fairness, integrity, humbleness and so on. Furthermore, it provides defense from the adverse of evil actions.

Being an essential part of moral system or morals, we are ordered to execute it in all walks of life. Our public meetings as well as loneliness must be supplied with modesty and modest attitude. On other way, modesty is compulsory when we pay submission to Allah Almighty and enquire His help or compassion. Even, Allah Almighty like humility and its applications in all walks of life. It also can be seen during Umrah and pilgrims get different Umrah 2017.

Therefore, we can say that diffidence is part of our primary and fundamental belief or trust. All Muslims all have been directed by Allah Almighty to apply modesty in their daily lives and when they meet or deals with their other persons. Without modesty, our spirit or intelligence become fall prey to filthy or futile thoughts.

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