Stages of Human Life and Islamic Injunctions

September 8, 2016
Virtues of Spiritual Education in Islam

Stages of Human Life and Islamic Injunctions

The very motive of survival of human beings can be completed by determining all facets of life and how they donate their due influence in the expansion of persons. To investigate the knowledge and elementary aim, human beings have to reflect and perceive about the omen of nature. Religion, Islam has attractively elucidated and shortened the very aim of people. The understandings of Holy Quran have quantified some constructions and rules of living. Worldly and communal characteristics are prime and central possibilities. Physical needs are the most important. Human body wants suitable sustenance, energy, liquid and defense from opposing properties of outside atmosphere for its heathy presentation.

The natural phases of body and its instruments have been described in the Holy Quran. It has specified many methods through which body can be kept back sturdy, fit and clean. Since without valued food of body, person is totally helpless to learn the goal of his approaching. Islamic compulsory compulsions like Hajj, Namaz, Umrah, and Zakat also donate in the development and sustenance of human organ system. Meeting of Muslims at holy places through Umrah Packages 2017 is a glaring instance of it.

After corporeal wants, social provisions of persons are also commanding for their growth concerning determination of attendance in the world. Islam has specified some morals in order to lead a proper and successful life in the society.
Henceforth, some ethics and values are set down by Islam in order to safeguard peace and agreement in the society. Durable social communication is energetic for the discovering the connotation and determination of life. Demonstrative aspect is next after bodily and social stage of life. On the eve of Umrah, it can be exhibited by Muslims who arrive at one home through cheap Umrah Package.

Another aspect is Emotional aspect which is dynamic for connections with dissimilar people. Varied emotions rise in many conditions. Person become feeble due to some feelings and some sentiments stimulate him. However, Islam promotes mastery over feelings and passions. God has bestowed human beings with intellect and reasoning. The cleverness creates alteration amid animals and persons. Underprivileged of wisdom, it is intolerable to learn the actual aim of existence. Education paly an commanding role in the endures of persons.

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