Individual Rewards of Fasting

September 8, 2016
Poverty and its Remedies in Islam

Individual Rewards of Fasting

There are many individual and collective merits of fasting in Islam. Here we would discuss its individual benefits. First of all, there are Spiritual Benefits. Fasting has enormous spiritual value and importance, for it is fundamentally a spiritual exercise and correction. It transports person closer to Allah Almighty and eliminates all fences between him and his Allah Almighty.
The very purpose of fasting is designated as the accomplishment of taqwa and training of spiritual aspect of human beings. Supporters are directed to detect fasting in the month of Ramzan so that through it they may be talented to reach immediacy to Allah Almighty. A fasting is performed for Allah Almighty. Merely He knows whether a is fasting or not, it carries person very close to Allah Almighty. Individual Rewards Fasting.

Fasting repeats one through the day that he is refraining from drink, food and other wishes of life in compliance to the knowledge of Allah Almighty. There in nobody to perceive and observe whether he is eating or lavishing other happiness of life. Person abstains from all these stuffs with the full idea and thinking that Allah is always with him and always observes and hears his words and intentions as well, and that nothing can be concealed from Him.

Rewards of Fasting

Therefore, fasting grows a very strong intelligence of immediacy and nearness to Allah Almighty and of His presence universally. Many Muslims visit Makkah and Medina and perform Umrah in the month of Ramadan through Umrah Package.

Fasting also has a bodily usefulness. During the development of fasting one recovers health and strengthen his immune system. The competence of digestive organs develops. The healthier is the development of man. When the peptic organs get rest during fasting, their control and strength for more work increases. During fasting one tolerates the spasms of hunger and dehydration and thus toughens life for any problematic time. The authority of confrontation grows and one can defeat adversities with open heart. Now many affordable Umrah Packages 2017 are available also.

Besides these benefits, there are also moral benefits of fasting. Person develops his personality and character. It practices all moral values in his domestic as well as public life. Moreover, fasting induces sentients of justice, fairness, humanity and brotherhood. Person begins to feel problems and issues of others.

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