Rights of minorities in Islamic State

August 31, 2016
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Rights of minorities in Islamic State

Undoubtedly, Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, and brotherhood. It has organized a complete code of life in order to ensure prosperity and comradeships in the society. Where it has announced rights and obligations for Muslims, at that place it has also itemized rights of non-Muslims which are citizens of the Islamic state. The non-Muslims in the Islamic state are recognized as Dhimmis whose defense is the duty or responsibility of the Islamic state.
The Holy Quran has clearly identified the status of non-Muslims in the Islamic state. Subsequent Quranic verse throws light on the position of minorities in an Islamic state. O ye! Who have faith in! Be resolute witness for Allah in equity and let not abhorrence of any people seduce you that ye deal not impartially, that is closer to your responsibility. There are three kinds of minorities in Islamic State like Contractors, conquered and others. All these have given separate status in the Islamic state. Islam has given many rights of minorities in an Islamic state. Umrah Packages are now avialble for those who wish for Umrah and want to visit holy places of Makkah and Medina.

Like, right to life and property, Islamic state identifies the right of its non-Muslim peoples to life and property the gore of non-Muslim is observed as holy as that of the Muslims. In case a non-Muslim is murdered or hurt by a Muslim, the dead relatives have the right to treat the Muslim in the similar means. Freedom of religion and worship is another right of minorities. The non-Muslim is an Islamic state have the autonomy of religion and adoration. Religion is appreciated as religion deprived of any judgement, in Islam. It addresses lenience and evades and forbids use of power. Various Umrah Package has been announced by many travel agencies.

Islam has also given Protection of their personal law. Non-Muslims in an Islamic state have their personal and special laws except in such a substance in which their personal law might permission a painful tradition e. g. tradition of sati etc. Protection of non-Muslim places of worship is another right of minorities. It is the responsibility of the Muslim state to defend the homes of worship of the non-Muslims. Islamic state delivers sure rights to the minorities and in the implementation of those rights, no judgement between Muslim and non-Muslim will be created.

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