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Peril of Sectarianism

August 29, 2016
Eid Ul Adha

New Sectarianism Peril and Community Resilience

Current world is imprisoned in the menaces of extremism, radicalism, fanaticism, extremism and many more. Almost all people have been victims of these evil practices and intentions at some extent. All section and fields of life are under their threats. Sense of peace and pacified mind become rare commodity in our lives. All international and national governments are devising polices to counter this monster of extremism and new sectarianism peril.

But unfortunately, a mutual consultation and unity among leaders is missing. Blame game has weakened motive and will power against these evils, as a result, attacks, suicide bombings, target killing is in vogue. .

In the present times, many people in over-all and Muslims in specific are engaging with monster of sectarianism and fanaticism at all heads of life. Obscenity of sectarianism has unfavorably exaggerated our social constructions and customs. Peace has become a sporadic and inimitable state of mind. Many kinds of other glitches, social, economic, political and above all emotional issues like hindrance, depression, anxiety, dissatisfaction have fettered our peoples.

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New Sectarianism Peril

Consequently, Dr. Mahathir, the former Malaysian Prime Minister named sectarianism a Profanity for Muslim Ummah. This malicious activity has separated religion into many sections and enfeebled religious harmony and association among Muslims. It is a hazardous danger for all Muslims across the globe as it will make us retrograde, flimsy and powerless. With such threat, we would not have accomplished to grip modern and multitude tests.

Furthermore, the creator of Pakistan, Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah belonged to Shia Khoja sect but he never ever buttressed sectarianism and never provide special service to particular group of sect. It obviously portrays that founding individuals of Pakistan never endorsed it at any period of their fight for freedom and independence. Further unity of Muslims can be depicted on the eve of Umrah and Muslims enjoy flights with affordable Umrah Ticket.

To curb this menace, we need to first understand true and real teachings of Islam. Our Ulema will have to play their due role. They will have to promote unity, brotherhood, solidarity and cooperation in the ranks of Muslims.

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