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Women and Share of Property

August 23, 2016
Equability is the Best Policy

Women and Share of Property

Presently numerous people think that Islam does not endorse equivalent rights to women against men. They believe that why Islam has not specified equal portion in the possessions of father, after his death. For them, it is the unfairness and partiality with women and Islam gives a specific priority man over women. In order to defy their oppositions, there numerous arguments can be given. Women Share Property.

Initially, it is the only Islam that has formed portion of inheritance for females in the possessions of father, after his death. All religious responsibilities & duties are equally commanded on both man and woman like Namaz, Fasting, Hajj. Even in the process of Hajj and Umrah many special and Umrah packages are accessible like December Umrah Package.

In Islam it is not compulsory for women to earn. Their partner provide dowry or mehr to them. Furthermore, Islam has commanded men to support and uphold their families. Women are out from this responsibility. Further they have half share in the possessions of men. On the event of umrah, women must have proper security and protocol. Now many deals regarding Umrah in December have been announced. Women Share Property.

Women and Share of Property

On one occasion there was going debate on the subject i.e. Islam has provided twice to feebler portions. A man inquired that women are from weedier portion or section. Then main orator told him that yes women are from weaker segment. Then he inquire why women were given semi in the property of dad? Orator said that you had not clearly understood the reason of Quran behind this. Ladies have the right in property. Women Share Property.

Orator gave an instance to clarify that reason. Son will give 500 dirhams in mehar when he weds, so he will be leftward with 500 dirhams. Then alternatively, daughter will get mehar from his partner in the form of 500 dirhams consequently, she will be bequeathed with dual affluence than his brother. Thus it proves that Islam in all walks of life, give equal rights and privileges to women. Women Share Property.

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