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Islam Forerunner of Peace and Brotherhood

August 19, 2016

Islam Peace’s Forerunner and Islamic Concept of Brotherhood

Currently many persons in the world exclusively of western countries tag Islam. Being the religion of ferocity and violence which is not right and true. If we observe with open mind.  On the foundation of some ill actions of some cruel and ignorant people or group of persons. You cannot accuse whole religion and its teachings and wisdom because Islam peace’s forerunner. It is totally injustice and wrong Islam as the epicenter of intimidation, radicalism and vehemence.

But if you study and understand ideas and rulings of the Holy Quran and maxims of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) with fair and open mind-set, you will perceive many orders and instructions which are clearly and openly advocates and promotes peace and brotherhood in the societies.

All spiritual obligations and duties of Islam like Prayer, fasting, Zakat and Hajj, these all impart us how to live with peaceably with others in the social order and how to sense the discomfort and difficulties of others. Similarly, during Umrah Muslims displays unity with each other by wearing single color clothing. For this, many deals are provided regarding December Umrah Packages.

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Islam Peace’s Forerunner

Lamentably some people depict bad image of Islam and proclaim it as a religion of ferocity. For this aim, they promote their own idea of Jihad. Essentially they misinterpret Jihad and link unfeeling doings of some ill-informed Muslims with Jihad. Moreover, they say that jihad is a holy combat conferring to Islam. While it is not factual. In Islam, idea of holy war does not occur and jihad is not around conflict, ferocity and rebellious.

Jihad stands for fight, a passive skirmish. It is a nonviolent crusading. Jihad helps to fight in the pathway of the Islam for the improvement of the Muslims. When Muslims across the globe travel to holy places via Umrah in December and they all portray passive image or pictures of Islam.

If we thoroughly study Islamic ideology coupled with tests of holy Quran and sayings of holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) we come to conclusion that Islam has placed a great standing on establishment of concord cum brotherhood and desires to guarantee it in the societies at any cost and in all circumstances.  Peace and affection must be ensured in all walks of life like in the domains of social structure, political setup, trade and business, and even in our homes.

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