Materialism vs Spirituality

August 12, 2016
Materialism vs Spirituality

Materialism vs Spirituality, Which is More Important

Materialism vs Spirituality is the two different and important topics. Two main approaches are prevalent in our societies, materialistic and spiritual approach. The nature of human being is a fusion of desires. Erstwhile we become so materialistic that we often ignore spiritual side of our self being. Muslims are always directed to abstain from excess and extra wishes and desires about worldly and temporarily things. This principle can be witnessed on the eve of umrah via December Umrah Package.

Limited usage of worldly stuff is in our favor but we exceed our limits and boundaries then we would invite crisis and other problems of different range and of different frequency.  We can witness different evil and wicked issues like corruption, fraud, bribery, cheating, misuse of public office and public funds and etc. we can go any extent to fulfill our worldly and grasping needs. Furthermore, we would invite many mental and spiritual disorders like depression, anxiety, stress, mental retardation and so on.

 Islam strongly prohibits extra and unnecessary indulgence in materialistic things. Religion does not against usage of worldly things. But it also enjoins that a person must be spiritual and religious.

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Materialism vs Spirituality

After accomplishment of virtuous and superiority life, one must pursue for religiousness and spiritual expansion in order to obey instructions of Allah Almighty. Nevertheless, question is that we are selecting for our chic needs and welfare.

Islam does not censure the value and implementation of coinage a but it supports that one must operate it for their basic requirements. One must make it within constraints of integrity and through correct and legal resources. Since, if somebody gains wealth through prohibited properties and networks or by misusing the privileges of others, he will forgo the crux of peace of mind and permanent sense of safety. Islam place forward idea of self-control.

The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was a great instance of it. He was leader of Medina but he leads a very humble and humble life. He never wished for money or authority and other worldly gains. Current time’s all spiritual and psychological issues are outcomes of our running behind worldly gains. It is solitary religiousness and morals that give you uncontaminated love and permanent harmony of mind. For it you can visit holy places through different deals regarding Umrah in December.

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