Life and Its Scope in Islam

August 11, 2016
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Life and Its Scope in Islam

Presence of human beings is very restricted and short existed but their virtuous performances and actions can make them illustrious. we are recognized by our movements. Persons remember and arbitrate us on the foundation of our performances and activities. Activities will describe our destiny in this world and henceforth. In the Holy Quran, three stages of life are discoursed. Likewise, Muslims have to perform such action during hajj rituals. And now Hajj Packages have been announced.  First of all, Allah Almighty formed us in the state of weakness, then He provided us control or strength after weakness, then after control, gave us brittleness and old hair which specifies that our stage of life begins after birth called infancy. In the phase of infancy, we reach childhood and then clutch early years of adolescent. Absence of understanding, liveliness, naivety, goodness are the obvious attributes of that stage of age. Individuals of that period senses free from the loads and tasks of the life. Individual has protection from the responsibilities of family substances, religion and state.

In that phase, we wholly and practically are at the compassion of the family for sustenance, clothes and all other basic requirements, a child needs definite workout and a backup situation in the considerate years to nurture and obtain the skill of living to become an answerable occupant. This is a developing phase when a person needs care from elders to strengthen his body, mature his mind and spirit in order to bear liabilities in the next phase. But then again there is one thing which starts when a child is born and continues throughout his ride of life which cannot be stopped and rested with instable from one stage too alternative.

The second phase commences when a person reaches youth and subsequently grows into an adult. He will become accountable to offer his spiritual and mystical duties in order to win the plunders and blessings of God.

At this phase of life, being develops so active and spirited that he starts to regulate his normally businesses and struggle for the goal and drive of life. Part of peer groups plays an essential role in his development and growth. Helpers influence his mind and actions. The kinds of friends will choose his upcoming course. Cheap Hajj Packages are now introduced by many travel agencies.

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