Merits of Sabr in Islam

August 10, 2016
Smile is the Precious Gift and Sunnah

Merits of Sabr in Islam

Favorable and unfavorable events are part of human life. Human beings come across very hostile and adverse moments and conditions in their life. They become sad and gloomy and eventually they will meet disappointment. It is one side of coin. Likewise, Human beings also experience some very pleased and satisfied moments. At one phase in our life, we undergo contentment and everything seems good-looking and pretty. Nonetheless at one instant, we come across dissatisfaction and disheartened and become prey of sadness and loneliness.  Through Hajj Packages, Muslims visit their holy sites and they display patience while performing hajj.


The Holy Quran has stunningly showed us a way how to accomplish ourselves in both circumstances particularly during state of unhappiness.   The Holy Book, Quran has told us about Sabr or Endurance. Through working this method of endurance, we are enjoined by Allah Almighty to work optimistic and pursue His help when we face contests, pains, issues. We have to show perseverance and admit all these difficulties with positive attitude. Endurance in opposing and unfavorable circumstances and thankfulness in pleasing conditions make us greater and adored in the appreciations of Allah Almighty.

Patience can be display in various ways and through many methods. There is a kind of patience in which we mention our physical and outer aspects of life. It covers all sort of our social, economic, financial, and political features of life. It covers many fields like sickness of body organ and body system, financial constraints, social issues and cultural values. This sort of patience deal with our behavior and our dealings with other human beings.

How we face natural and manmade disaster and challenges of external environment, all such themes fall in the domain of physical patience. Allah Almighty has ordered us to portray patience in all walks of life. There are various examples present in this regard. The patience of Prophet Ayub when he had been facing irredeemable and fatal disease, is glaring example of it. Hence Allah Almighty has ordered us to display patience even during tough times. When Muslims visit holy places via Cheap Hajj Packages, they are trained to perform their religious duties with patience and endurance.    

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