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Islamic Injunctions About Cheating and Deception

August 4, 2016
Muslim’s Holy Places

Is the Islamic Cheating Injunctions Strictly Prohibits

Islam always denounces and rejects practices of Immoral values and evil practices in any case. There is no excuse for such dealing in Islam even in the condition of emergency. Islamic Cheating Injunctions are strictly prohibits. The worst form of practices and actions which severely hit the personality and character if human beings. Distortion of truth in order to achieve personal gains and desires and cheat other fellow beings are against the real spirit of honesty. Islam does not permit it.

There is no room or safe zone for trickery, deception, lying according to Islam. The wisdom of Islam always promote honesty, sincerity, straightforwardness in all personal and public dealings. Even to tell lie or keep own self in credulity and deception is also prohibit. The Holy Quran and traditions of Holy Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) are replete with the commands and precedents of honesty and faithfulness at each step of life and idea of cheating and deception is strongly prohibit. Muslims are enjoin to keep themselves from such evil tricks as they spoil the true spirit and faith of Muslim.

The Unity of Muslims can be seen when they are going for Holy Obligation of Hajj and Umrah with December Umrah packages as well, For protection and firmness of faith and belief and uplift in the eyes of Allah Almighty and in the society, it is very mandatory that one must always practice idea of honesty.


When a person enters in the holy domain of Islam then he automatically bound himself that he has to always speak truth and promote good. He follows the path of truthfulness and avoids cheating and back-stabbing.  One Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said that who cheats us does not belong to us. It clearly depicts the value of truth and honesty. Honesty and purity of love and sincerity are the basic pillars of Islamic Society.  Muslims are ordere to fulfill the promises and display the faithfulness, truthfulness and piety towards other fellow beings. Deception and cheating are virus for the noble character and moral values of person.

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Islamic Cheating Injunctions

Islam has recognized deception and cheating as heinous and terrible sins. These practices are source of shame and humiliation in both worlds. People lose their faith in such persons and soon society beings to detach itself from them. The Holy prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) has exclude them from the society and culture of Muslims and he further said that those people who practice cheating and deception in their life, they would be hand with flag of betrayal. The humiliation of traitors – men and women – will be gigantic.  Those who suppose that their disloyalty had been overlook will discover it right there, uncover for the whole world to see on posters elevate high seize by their own hands!

On the whole, it is proved that a true Muslim who believes in the day of judgment and has firm faith in Islamic teachings, for this they mostly perform umrah when December vacations came and they go there to perform umrah in Ramadan with 5 star hotel he must avoid cheating, fraud, treachery and deception in his behaviors and dealings with other pals. There is severe punishment for them and they will face detestation of Allah Almighty in both worlds.

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