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Ignorance Cannot Surpass the Beauty of Truth

August 4, 2016

Ignorance Cannot Surpass the Beauty of Truth

Is it True Ignorance Cannot Surpass the Beauty of Truth??? Currently, it has become vogue in our societies that teachings. Doctrine of entire religion are being judged and observed by actions of few ignorant people. It is like that we turn our face from the glaring. Beauties and keep stick with the odds of few people and groups. Wrong actions and misinterpretations of few people are not enough to explore the real and basic ideology of any religion. It is pity that Islam has been facing same treatment nowadays. Owing to wrong and barbaric actions of few people, international media blames. Whole Islam and labels it as a violent and extremist religion. Whereas on the other hand, there is nothing like that.

 If we study and explore true teachings of Islam including Umrah and hajj, we come across that there is no room for violence and terrorism. Islamic doctrines are filled with greatness and beauty that is often ignored due to lack of proper knowledge and at some extent non serious attitude by Islamic Scholars.  Islam teaches its follower how to live peacefully with other fellow beings irrespective of their different religion, language, race and customs.

It is Islam who launch a system of moral values and ethics. The Holy guests of Almighty Allah who performed Umrah and Hajj with hajj package and came back they also witness of this. It always preaches love, peace, harmony, humanity and brotherhood in all fields of life. It has given methods through which we can win the hearts of our fellow beings and how to create strong relationship with the Creator.

Ignorance Cannot Surpass

Islam is enriched with tremendous beauties of peace, compassion, love and brotherhood. Celebrate and be please, remain optimistic and be at peace.  This is what Islam communicates us, for all Allah’s demands aim to convey contentment to the individual.  The main part of happiness is in understanding and worshipping Allah.  This adoration obliges as a reminder of Him and retains us continuously aware of Him and therefore we stay away from wicked, committing inequalities and cruelty.  It raises us to being virtuous and of decent character.  By succeeding His orders, we lead a life that leads us to the greatest in all our matters.

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Beauty of Truth

The countryside of the human state means that amongst great grief can be instants of happiness and sometimes in instants of despair we can find a presenter in the belongings that bring us contentment.  Every associate of the human race is born obviously knowing that Allah is One.

Though, those who do not see how to link with Allah Almighty or found a relationship. With Him tend to discover their presence mystifying and sometimes even upsetting.  Learning to interconnect with Allah Almighty and adoring Him gives life an entire new sense.

The Holy Quran is specifying the magnificence of Allah and the miracle of His creation; it is also an evidence to His Mercy and Justice. The Muslims brothers and sisters who are performing Umrah in December they also strongly agreed upon this, It is not an antiquity book, a fairy-tale book, or a technical textbook, although it does comprise all of those sorts and more.  The Quran is Allah’s utmost blessings to humanity. Islam gives a pure goal and determination to life. When we spend such an evocative life, then and only then are we capable to see contentment all around us, at any given instant and even on the dimmest of periods.

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