Life And Character Of Hazrat Khadijah

August 2, 2016
Beloved Uncle OF the Prophet(PBHU)

Life And Character Of Hazrat Khadijah

Khadijah was from Quraysh, she married twice, after her last. Husband, a wealthy merchant, has died, the house needed a conductor. A nephew of the widow, named Khuzaymah, had become familiar with Muhammad in the course of his profitable expeditions, and had saw the ability and honesty with which he innocent himself on all times.

Moreover, He pointed him out of his aunt as a person well capable to be her factor. The personal appearance of Muhammad may have strongly seconded his recommendation; for he was now about twenty-five years of age, and inscribe by Arabian writers for his virile beauty and engaging manners. So wanting was Khadijah of securing his services, that she offered him double salaries to conduct a caravan which she was on the point of sending to Syria.


Muhammad referred his uncle Abu Talib, and by his advice, accepted the offer. He was escorte and assiste in the expedition by the nephew of the widow, and by her slave Maysarah, and so highly satisfie was Khadijah with the way in which he discharge his duties, that on his return, she paid him double the amount of his required wages. She afterwards sent him to the southern parts of Arabia on similar expeditions, in all which he gave like satisfaction. This is her wisdom; people still visit his tom during performing hajj in Makkah by booking December Umrah packages.

The great Muslims lady stop Muhammad’s propagation of Islam. She was his source of encouragement and comfort. She has also bear strain and suffering during the boycott at Shabi. The great Muslims lady pass away on Ramadan 10th in the tenth year of hijra.  And Muslims can visit this grave while performing hajj by booking hajj packages London.

In the meanwhile, Khadijah was in her fortieth year, a woman of judgment and experience. The mental qualities of Muhammad rose more and more in her approximation, and her heart began to desire toward the fresh and comely youth.

In the Arabian legends, a miracle occurred most persistently to confirm and bless the bias of her feelings. She was one day with her handmaids, at the hour of noon, on the adjoining roof of her abode, watching the arrival of a caravan led by Muhammad. As it approached, she saw, with surprise, two angels overwhelming him with their wings to protect him from the sun. turning with emotion, to her handmaids, “Behold!” said she, “to beloved of Allah, who sends two angels to watch over him!”

– “Khadijah!”

– “How is that possible?” Tha Prophet said.

– ” Let me manage that.” Said Maysarah.


Maysarah returned to his mistress and reported what happened. An hour was appointe for an interview, and the affair was transported to a satisfactory arrangement, which is known of Muhammad’s memorable punctuality and wisdom of his dealings with Khadijah.  When father of Khadijah knew about the agreement made between Khadijah and Muhammad, he different the match on account of levels of wealth. In his opinion wealth should be added to wealth, that is not the case, a wealthy woman and a man in poverty. But Khadijah wisely considered her riches only as the means of allowing her to follow the commands of her heart.

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