Islamic Physical And Social Aspects Of Life

July 27, 2016

Islamic Physical And Social Aspects Of Life

World became for specially purpose by God(Allah). Human’s is also come in this world for special purpose and he makes many rules for humanity. Every religion has many highlighted the aim and goal of human survival. Islam is a perfect religion for humanity. We can understand many aspect of life by him. Physical, social, spiritual, mental and aesthetic are some of basic aspects of human lifespan. These are all linked with each other with his one specialty.

If we will understand about these aspects, then we can understand why God sent us in this world. Islam does not make distinction between the spiritual and the secular life and its aim is to shape both individual lives as well as society as a whole in the way that world is established on earth and that peace, well -being and contentment may fill the social, economic and political system of Islam. Everyone should have clear idea of what the concept of Islam.

Physical Aspects

Physical aspect is basic and primary feature of life. Human beings have a complex system of body. This physique needs nourishment, energy, meal and water to sustain its biological working. This is good for the Holy travelers who are going to perform hajj with Hajj packages, Man strives for food, shelter and dress to protect and nourish their physique. Meanwhile physique also demands some sort of rest, protection from attacks of disease and other animals and it also needs specific environmental conditions for smooth working.

Therefore, Islam has aptly described all phases of growth of figure in the Quran and it also enjoins some rules and instructions to maintain body’s health. So before fulfilling the compulsory needs f body, one cannot move towards other aspects. Many Islamic obligations are linked with movement and exercise of body Like Namaz, Fasting, Hajj.

In Namaz, Muslims perform some physical movements in specific manner which tighten and improve organs and their working. Currently science has also proved many biological and spiritual benefits of Namaz. Through Fasting, human beings abstain themselves from food, beverages and other prohibited activities. Fasting strengthen immune system and protect it from attacks of foreign germs and infectious microorganisms.

It also improves digestive system and helps in burning fats which cause obesity. Circulation of blood and working of heart become improve. Likewise, obligation of Hajj plays an important role in the development of physique. Muslims travel towards holy places and perform spiritual obligations like Namaz, Zikar, reciting of Quran and etc. They visit holy and historical places by walking which helps their body in metabolism. Several Hajj Packages uk with hotel and visa services are now available online.

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Social Aspects

Social interaction is another basic aspect of life. Peoples are social animals. They could not live without company and gathering. Like food, shelter and dress, they also demand social gathering and dealing with their fellows. To fulfill this need of people, Islam has organized and prescribed a special social system in which people interact with their fellows and share their issues and seek love and care. The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) has set amazing and remarkable precedent of social system.

Islam has laid down some rights and obligation on its believers living in society. Rights of parents, rights of children, rights of neighbors, rights of needy and poor are some of them. Without achieving both physical and social aspects, purpose of life is imperfect concept. If you want to go for umrah  you can visit this site Ramadan umrah packages for uk muslims.

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