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Islam About Consideration for Neighbors

July 20, 2016

Islam About Consideration for Neighbors

Neighbors: Holy Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) is role model of great character and moral values. To love him is the essential part of Faith of Muslims. In his all aspects of life, he was just perfect. He earned a massive respect and honor due to his remarkable and heavenly dealings.

In all segments of daily life, he displayed and set the universal precedents of ethics and moral system. Famous Indian personality, Mahatma Ghandi called him as honorable about pledges, strong in his dedication to his friends and supporters, bold, courageous, and with complete faith in Allah and in his own mission. We being Muslims only emulate his lifestyle in worships and dealings with other fellow beings.

Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) has teach us to behave and deal with our neighbors. He ordere us to show kindness towards neighbors. Regardless of religion, race, language, color, they must be treat with respect and honor.

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Hazrat Usman (R.A)


At one stage Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) thought the angle the angel Gabriel will confer inheritance rights on neighbors; such was his perseverance on their caring and just behavior. Even during Hajj, this is also promote when Muslims visit holy places via Hajj Packages.

The people around Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) were continually retold of their duties to God and to one another.  Prophet Muhammad was repeatedly heard to urge them to ensure good needs and to recall their responsibilities.  Nowadays in a time when ancient people die alone and overlooked, and when our neighbors both near and far go starving at the same time as we have nourishment, we would do fine to recall the instances set by our virtuous ancestors. Cheap Hajj Packages with low cost price 2016 are also now in everyone’s range.

Islam incessantly directs the believers to be caring and thoughtful of neighbors. What happens however if one has a neighbor who performs seriously and does not display the admiration characteristic in the wisdoms of Islam?  A Muslim is enduring and open-minded and does not confess a bitterness.


A supporter strives to mend the broken relationship through good morals and manners and a forgiving attitude in the hope that this will bring about remarkable prize from Allah.  A supporter uncomplainingly exposes the irritations as much as he or she is capable.  If the condition displays intolerable to issue the wicked behavior and dealings may be a last option.

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