Struggling for God’s Direction

July 16, 2016

Struggling for God’s Direction

Around 1.5 billion Muslims are residing in this World. They each time perform their prayers and turn their faces towards one direction of Makkah. Qibla is Arabic word used for direction in the Islam. Muslims are directed to turn their face towards the Kaba while offering prayer. The Kaba is a small chop formed building in the square of the mosque known as Masjid Al Haram, in the Saudi Arabia.

We do not adore and worship the Kaba, or its innards, it is merely a principal point.  Muslims worship and obey One God, the Most Compassionate, and the Most Astute. Allah Almighty announced that when Muslims pray they all show their face towards one path.  It is an emblem of agreement that summarizes the harmony surrounded in the faith of Islam. Through Hajj Packages Muslims visit this holy place.

Prayer is called salah in Arabic language and it fortifies a bond between the believer and Allah. when all devotees face the similar path it adds an additional dimension to the association.  The prayer attaches the believers to Lord and the qibla joins the Muslims to one another.  Hence, it can be called that if one could perceive all the Muslims during prayer and worship, Like the petals of a flower opening and closing in harmony, they would be able to see sketches of worshippers worshiping and prostrating. On the occasion of Hajj, Muslims offer their prayers towards kaba . They travel towards it through cheap Hajj Packages 2016.

The qibla was not permanently concerned with Makkah.  Aqsa Mosque was the primary direction of Muslims and they face towards it. In the times of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) the direction of Qibla was changed from Aqsa mosque to the Kaba of Makkah. Shifting the direction of prayer creates Makkah as the secure central point for adoration.  It founds a mutual sense or determination.

During the centuries, mathematicians and astronomers have recognized accurate ways to control the qibla from any opinion on the earth’s exterior.  There are two precise instants each year when the sun is straight overhead the Kaba, thus the course of shadows in any light place will aim away from the qibla.  Two instants per are also their year when the sun is right over the exact contrary location of the Kaba, thus directing to the qibla.

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