Significance Zikr Remembrance of God

June 21, 2016
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Significance Zikr Remembrance of God

The Holy Quran always enjoins Muslims to remember and recall Allah Almighty. It is called Zikrullah. One must be busy in Zikar of Allah Almighty. Even during working and when your mind become focused in some things, at that time one may recall Allah Almighty in indirect way. Divine feelings, love, praise and affections for Allah Almighty in the form of expressions is named Zikr. You can use your language of mother-tongue or in the Arabic language. Zikr ..

To remember Allah is very simple and natural. For example, during walking, you can think that you are awarded with blessings of God, so you begin to remember God. Likewise, when you see the light of sun, you realize the importance of Sun and become thankful to Allah for His Blessings You respire in fresh air while acquiring a saunter and you recall that it is Allah who is providing you with oxygen. When you place your foot down on the earth and lift it up, you think that it is Allah who has formed gravity, if not you would be moving in the air and would not be capable to stroll on the earth at all. And so on. Likewise, when Muslims perform Hajj, they collectively remember Allah. For Hajj  Hajj Packages from london are now available for UK Muslims. Zikr ..


You carry to your mind the recognition that without these divine sanctifications like sunshine, air, gravity and so on—you cannot move from one place to another. If you count all these divine abundances related with your morning walk, then you are memorizing God, you are busy in zikr. So at every moment and place, you can remember, praise, glorify and thank Him. Recalling God is not unfamiliar to your being. It is mingled in your spirit and body, like energy and motivation. Eventually you being and energy are two different things but actually they are one thing.  So, at every moment there are abundances of God all around you which you can recall. Zikr ..

If you invite and call this consciousness, then you are remembering God at every moment. This is a way in which you can be involved in the continuous zikr of God.In the Sahih al-Bukhari, the wife of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) says that the Holy prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) used to recall Allah Almighty on each event by creating it point of orientation of Allah’s memory. Hence it can be said that for the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), Zikrullah and other duties were not separate activities. Zikr ..


Rather, both were interacted. Occasionally, you may discover yourself mourning the past, undergoing adverse spirits and thinking about harmful practices. In this way, your mind is unfocussed from zikr of Allah. This is a very common incidence. But you can change even this into ways to recall and express gratitude God. Zikr ..

You can thank Allah for giving you tough situations as they train person for future. It can be considered another reason of gratitude of thankfulness to Lord. Every situations and period which we experience in our life, all come to teach us. In every situation good or bad, there is hidden message for us. So we must thankful to Allah Almighty in all situations. All religious obligation of Islam promote zikr like Hajj. For performing hajj and umrah, Hajj Packages 2016, are now announced. Zikr ..

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