Islam The Torchbearer of Peace

June 13, 2016
Character Building

Presently many people in the west especially label Islam being the religion of violence. But it is not true and fact. On the basis of activities of some barbaric and ignorant people, you cannot blame whole religion and its teaching being the epicenter of terrorism, extremism and violence. But if you study the Holy Quran and traditions of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) with clear mind-set, you will observe many instructions and commands for the provision of peace and harmony in the societies.

Islam The Torchbearer of Peace

Islam has placed a great importance on provision of peace and wants to ensure in the lives of human beings at any cost. Development in all fields of life like social, economic, spiritual and in family, peace must be ensured. All religious obligations and duties of Islam like Prayer, fasting, Zakat and Hajj, these all teach us how to live with peacefully with others in a society and how to feel the pain and problems of others. Likewise, in hajj Muslims shows solidarity with each other by wearing single color dress. For this, many hajj packages and deals are provided, Hajj Packages 2016 Pre Booking from the United Kingdom is one of them.

Regrettably some people portray negative image of Islam and announce it as a religion of violence. For this reason, they present the concept of Jihad. Actually they misunderstand Jihad and link inhuman activities of some ignorant Muslims with Jihad. They say that jihad is a holy war according to Islam. Whereas it is not true. In Islam concept of holy war does not exist and jihad is not about war, violence and fighting. Jihad stands for struggle, a peaceful struggle. It is a peaceful activism. Jihad helps to struggle in the path of the Islam for the betterment of the Muslims. When Muslims across the globe travel to holy places through non-shifting Hajj packages from London, they all depict peaceful image of Islam.

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