Islam Prohibits Violence and Promotes Peace

June 13, 2016

Islam Prohibits Violence and Promotes Peace

Today a misconception prevails in our societies that Islam promotes violence and hostilities through its teaching and doctrines.  Islam always speaks about Peace, harmony and brotherhood. If we open holy Quran, we can see that it begins with these words i.e. In the name of God, the Most Kind, the Most Compassionate. These words are narrated 114 times in the Holy Quran so it reflects that this religion of Islam’s God is merciful and compassionate so how it can be possible that its teachings promote and endorse violence.

Therefore, true believers of Islam must keep the virtue of mercy, sympathy and kindness. The holy Quran is replete with numerous verses which advocate the idea of peace. For example, in the verse 10:25, Quran says that Allah Almighty calls to the home of harmony. Performing hajj rituals is a glaring precedent of it. When muslins via Hajj Packages 2016 Pre Booking from the United Kingdom reach at one place and offer their all spiritual obligations peacefully. It displays that peace is the ultimate goal of Islam. All teachings and principles of Islam are peace orient.

Promotes Peace

If we read Quran, we come across many verses which are dealing with objects, process and events of the Cosmos and earth as symbols of nature. The verses consider the universe as a system or model of peace and harmony. If we see, there are many astronomical bodies, all are working and moving according to a system.

They move prior to their orbits and velocity. They all are in peace and synchronization. Islam enjoins us to follow same system of peace and synchronization and move in their own orbits and intervention. (3:38) Therefore, we can say that Islam is peaceful living religion for both mankind and universe. Now we have to display this doctrine in our daily religious obligations like Namaz, fasting and in hajj. To visit holy places of Makkah and Medina, non-shifting Hajj packages from London are now opened for the Muslims of the United Kingdom.

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