Giving Respect during Ziyarat

December 15, 2015

Giving Respect during Ziyarat

Ziyarat means “Visit” just as pilgrimage stands for. Although the difference is  usually stands for the visit of an ancestor usually. Visiting the dead ones. Visiting dead ones and praying for them to Allah for their safe journey in the hereafter is the real meaning of Ziyarat.

Pilgrimage also stands for “Visit” but the suitable meaning of pilgrimage is that; Hajj pilgrimage or Umrah Pilgrimage. Pilgrimage of Hajj is once a year, at the tenth of Zul’Hajj before the sacrificing begins. Hajj pilgrimage is mandatory for every Muslim around the world who can financially and physically capable of performing it.

Pilgrimage of Umrah, can be perform at anytime of the year, month or date. The best Umrah Packages is here. Umrah performe during Ramadan is consider of the same value of a Hajj, though there three types of Umrah; First Umrah that is perform solely on any date or month of a year, Second Umrah perform in Ramadan, Third performing Umrah after Hajj.

Value of a is so much that one cannot properly understand it. The right path of life as it is important to know a dead person left everything behind and move on to the hereafter alone, to repent for sins is also one of the values of Good Deeds that is received during Ziyarat and praying to Allah for forgiveness on behalf of the late person are so much that one cannot imagine. Praying for passed people shows the values of a human and shows such deep respect and there is so much to learn from Ziyarat.

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