Rashidun – The Caliphate of Four

September 9, 2015
Eid Ul Adha

Rashidun – The Caliphate of Four

After the death of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the era of caliphate. Began which was led by four righteous people known as “Rashidun”. The names of those four people were Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA), Hazrat Umar (RA), Hazrat Usman (RA) and, Hazrat Ali (RA). These were those people who were blessed by Allah and Allah grant them paradise at the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). They were the closest companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

They all had immense range of knowledge and they spread. Islam much more to the different states and countries where nobody was. Muslim made it fast growing religion and this religion has. The most existence in every piece of land. It has been done by these four righteous people who preach it rightly to the. Followers and made its way to the world.

Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA)

Hazrat Abu bakar (R.A) was the first caliph of Islam. He started this journey of ruling after the death of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He(R.A) was a person who has the ability to preach Islam, . He was literate he can make people understand. What Islam is and why it has to take place in our life. He has interest in poetry and he belongs to well off family. He was also with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during Hajj 2016 Packages London uk and not even Abu Bakr but three caliphs were also accompanying prophet.

Hazrat Umar (RA)

Hazrat Umar (RA) was the second caliph of Islam. He was the best administrator who knows how to do the work rightly. He spread Islam so much to the outer boundaries and make it realize the world that they were following the wrong religions.

Hazrat Usman (RA)

Hazrat Usman (RA) was the third caliph of Islam. One of the rightly guide companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He has the honor of becoming son-in-law two times of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) but they were step daughters of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). in addition to this Hazrat Usman is the Sakhai of Islam.

Hazrat Ali (RA)

Hazrat Ali (RA) was the fourth caliph of Islam and he preach countless things. By his sayings which they have not hear and learn before and he project Islam’s righteous face. He was the son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  Muhammad’s blood daughter got marry to Hazrat Ali (RA) and her name was Hazrat Fatimah (RA). Hazrat Ali (RA) was the only person in this world who the birth in Kaaba. Which is a house of Allah and pilgrims goes there for umrah 2016 for performing sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

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