Masjid e Nimra – The Mosque in Arafah during Hajj

August 26, 2015

Masjid e Nimra – The Mosque in Arafah during Hajj

Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam. Pillars of Islam is the base of our religion. It consist on five steps 1 – Shahadah, 2 – Salah, 3 – Zakat, 4 – Sawm (Sacrifice) and, 5 – Hajj. Hajj is on the fifth place in pillar of Islam. Millions of pilgrims goes to perform Hajj every year and they earns great rewards of Hajj. Because, pilgrims’ sins wash away and the deeds changes into reward (Sawab) which gives them easy way to Paradise.

Male pilgrims can go without any mehram as Allah has given them place to protect their females while females cannot go without a Mehram because they need the protector of course Allah is the only protector for all mankind but in this practice a female has to go with male of her family. He can be a father, a brother, a husband or a son. Most of the females dreams to go with their sons.

Mosque in Arafah

Masjid e Nimra is situated in Arafat, Makkah which is in Saudi Arabia. Here Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) addresses the last historic Khutba (sermon) of Hajj 2016 London Service where pilgrims used to go today. Every year on 9th of Zilhaj, Hajj 2016 Packages London ukKhutba is addressed from this holy mosque. Only two salah (prayers) offers here In every year.

On the 9th Zilhaj (on the Hajj Day) Zuhr abd Asar prayers offered collectively by pilgrims. During Hajj it is very tough for every pilgrim to reach here in Mosque due to a huge crowd of pilgrims however in other days, the mosque remains empty and might be seen easily. It’s courtyard area remains open for nawafil prayers but internal hall remains close. It is every Muslim’s desire to get a chance to visit this place, because, it was the place where Prophet of Allah delivered the last sermon (Khutba).

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