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What happens once the person is in the grave?

August 25, 2015
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What happens once the person is in the grave?

The first step of the Aakhirat is the “Grave”. It has been explained that whenever Hazrat Usman (RA) stand by a grave. He used to cry so excessively that his blessed beard would become wet. Someone asked, “Why don’t you cry so much when mention is made of “Jannah” or “Jahanam” as you would cry when mention is made of the grave?” he replied, “I have heard the Holy Prophet say, the grave is the first step of “Akhirah” whoever passes it easily all other coming stages will become easier and whoever is troubled with punishment for him the coming stages will be even tougher.”

The two angels comes into grave and their names are Munkar and Nakeer who approached a person and ask him/her three questions and it is the first things which happen after burring the dead person into grave. A true believer will never face the problem while answering these questions.

The questions are:
• Who is your lord?
• What is your Religion?
• Who is your Prophet?


In the grave, a person, according to how. He/She lived their lives in this world will either be rewarded or punished. For their deeds which they have done in their whole life. This has been also proven from the Holy Quran as well as the Hadith of the Prophet.
In one Hadith the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:
“The grave is either a garden of Paradise or a pit from the pits of Hell”

It shows that the grave is a place where will be giving explanation of our acts. The angels will be writing our answer which will be sent to the Allah Almighty. The people who perform umrah 2016 become much relieved in grave because Allah forgive their sin if they do the “Tauba” and never do bad deeds again. The pilgrims who goes on Hajj Packages 2016 London uk they become sinless like a new born baby and keep themselves on right path by following Allah Almighty’s commandments. We should follow all the commandments of Allah in daily life, because, it will give relief in grave.

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