Steps to Perform Hajj and become a Haji or Pilgrims

August 18, 2015


A person who efforts to go for Hajj and perform Hajj is named as Haji/Pilgrims with his name. It is a blessing as well as a great honour for the person who performs Hajj. There are few steps to perform Hajj.

Following below are the steps of Hajj to become a Haji/Pilgrims:
• Ihram
• Mina
• Arafah
• Muzdalifah
• Mina
• Ramy
• NaHr
• Halq
• Makkah
• Tawaf al-IfaDah
• Sa’y between Safa and Marwa
• Mina
• Ramy
• Makkah
• Tawaf Al-Wada


Ihram is a dress which every muslim have to wear while performing Hajj to become Haji/Pilgrimss. IT is a traditional dress for the Muslims which is in trend with the advent of visiting Kaaba. This is not only necessary for Hajj but for Umrah too, in order to perform Hajj or Umrah Ihram is a first step to follow as an attire.


Mina is the city where on the first day all Hajj performers stays. On the first night no important rituals takes place so all Hajj performers can spend time in praying and reflecting with other Haji/Pilgrimss if they wish. For offering Dhuhr, Asar, Maghrib, Isha and Fajr prayers. Mina is the place where the Saudi government provides thousands of white coloured tents to stay. Males and females stays separately there but husband and wife can interact with each other. Tents are air conditioned so all Haji/Pilgrimss people can stay there comfortably.


Arafat is a place where all Haji/Pilgrimss people stays on second day. Haji/Pilgrimss travel to Arafat a nearby mountain. Haji/Pilgrimss must reach Arafat at afternoon time, because, on that time a ritual Waquf starts. It starts from dusk and to dawn. Haji/Pilgrimss hold awaken on a flat land of Arafat during the time they pray and reflect.


Muzdalifah is the destination which between Mina and Arafat. This is the place where all Haji/Pilgrimss people will be gather to offer Magrib (Prayer to God) and spend whole night on land of Muzdalifah in open sky. In morning all Haji/Pilgrimss people gather pebbles for the Ramy (A stoning ceremony) later in the day.

Mina and Ramy

All Haji/Pilgrimss people are gathered there for Ramy before sun rises back Haji/Pilgrimss head back to Mina. Mina is the place where all Haji/Pilgrimss people participate in a ceremony meant to symbolize stoning the devil. Haji/Pilgrimss people throw seven continuously at special stone monument called a Jamrat al Aqabah. The ceremony is quite tough to perform that’s why ill and aged people discouraged for this step of Hajj. Against this ill and aged people can perform this step in evening or anyone else can do on their behalf.


NaHr is the step which perform to sacrifice the animal e.g. Lamb or Camel. It becomes easier now, because, it is much systematic by providing a voucher of sacrificing the animal there, in early times, it was so difficult, because, all Haji/Pilgrimss people were used to find animals themselves. NaHr can be done easily with the help of hajj packages 2016 London services and you’ll perform this step easily.


Halq is a step where every Haji/Pilgrimss has to shave his hairs or haircut it too short and it has to be ritually cut. Every Haji/Pilgrimss do this to perform Hajj.

Makkah, Tawaf and Sa’ey

Makkah will be the city where you will be having time for Tawaf and Sa’ey. Tawaf is the walk which all Haji/Pilgrimss people will be having around the Kaaba. Sa’ey is a walk which will takes place between Safa and Marwa. But these activities will be allowed to all Haji/Pilgrimss after stoning, sacrificing and haircutting. After performing this all Haji/Pilgrimss will be free and can start all those prohibited activities which are not allowed during these all steps of Hajj.

Mina and Ramy

All Haji/Pilgrimss will again gather into Mina and repeat Ramy after sundown on the 4th and 5thdays. This time you will not only throw the pebbles on Jamrat al Aqabah but also at two other monuments Jamrat Oalah and Jamrat Wustah.

Makkah and Tawaf al Wada

In Makah all Haji/Pilgrimss people will give the final tawaf which is known as Tawaf al Wada again all Haji/Pilgrimss will take seven rounds of Kaaba and after that their Hajj will be completed. This is all will be easy if we go with cheap Hajj 2016 services London which gives you the start to end of hajj comfortably.

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