Cave Hira and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and a Blessed Night

August 18, 2015

Cave Hira

Cave Hira is situated close to the top of mount an-Nr, almost two miles far from Makkah. This holy place is in Saudi Arabia where people use to go for Umrah and Hajj. Cave hira is the place where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) often spend his to understand the mystery of life and its reasons. He also used to stay there for meditation and praying until the supply of food and water finishes. Cave hira is the place where the first verse of Quran was revealed on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). That’s why, this place is so much worthy place and it has a very major place among holy places.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the last Prophet of God, who came to this world for implementing the Islam and resuming the religion Islam with the amendments. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was born in Makkah, Prophet was the son of Hazrat Abdul Mutlib and latterly brought up by Hazrat Abu Talib who is father of Hazrat Ali (R.A). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) belongs to tribe of Quresh his four fathers was Hashim and prophet hood hierarchy belongs to Abraham (A.S) and it was the most reputed family of Makkah. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is last messenger amongst one lac twenty four thousands prophets of Allah. Last prophet came to this world to preach real meaning of life why Allah sent us to this world and what should be the parameters of life with every aspect while other prophets will also came with the same purpose. Many people can to visit cave hira when they go for umrah with low cost cheap umrah packages with 5 Star Hotel or anytime.

A Blessed Night in Cave Hira

This is the place where first verse of Quran revealed on Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). When you go for 2016 umrah you can also visit cave hire.One night (a blessed night) when Prophet Muhammad was sitting all alone in the cave in the calmness of the night, suddenly the angel Gabriel appear and said to him:


Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) replied: “I cannot read.”
The angel Gabriel repeated the command, pressing on him “Read!”
“I cannot read” the messenger of Allah protested once again.
The mighty voice commanded once again “Read.”
“I cannot read” the Prophet replied again.

The angel squeezed him (PBUH) a third time and said:
“Read in the name of your Lord, who created-
Created man from a clinging substance.
Read and your Lord is the most generous-
Who taught by the pen-
Taught man what he did not know”
(Surah 96: verses 1 of 5).
This is how the first verse of Quran revealed and sent us to the world by his beloved messenger.

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